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Annual Membership Meeting

Sunday, January 14 @ 2:00pm at Rockin'-R-Ranch
145 Lewis Farm Roac, New Bern
Bring a dish to share and come vote on changes to the bylaws and the new board officers.

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Next Event

EDCTSA Banquet
Saturday, January 27 at Joan Taylor's Farm
More Details Coming Soon!

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Message from the President

Dressage is a French word most commonly translated to mean training. It is a highly skilled form of riding performed in exhibition, competition, or just pursued solely as an art form for the sake of mastery.

As an equestrian sport dressage is defined internationally as the highest expression of horse training. Competitions and exhibitions are held at all levels from amateur to the Olympic and world equestrian games. It’s fundamental purpose is to develop-through standardized progressive training methods, a horses natural athletic ability and willingness to perform thereby maximizing its potential as a riding partner.

With that in mind, I would like to encourage everyone to relax, renew and reflect as another year draws to a close.
Reflect on the progress that you have made with your horse, renew your commitment to strive for excellence in your horsemanship skills and relax the barriers and obstacles that still stand in your way.

Consider renewing your commitment to this club as well by joining us as we try to make this journey together. Please join us at our annual meeting which will be held on Sunday, January 14 in the afternoon. All members and potential members are welcome. Come get involved and have fun. Let your voices be heard.

See you there,

Bianca Rosso
EDCTSA President