Membership Committee

Chair – David Knight

The Membership Committee recently sent out a survey to currently and previous EDCTSA members to get feedback on what members would like to see as the club moves forward. We reviewed the results, and are acting on the responses to improve the club and add new members. Below is a list of the focus sub-committees and their chairs.

Focus Sub-Committees

Membership Administration

Chair – Marcy Hoffman

This committee will monitor the month to month membership changes. Responsible for monthly membership report; update of chapter database, and tracking of dues.


Chair – Lisa Graf

This committee will address the survey results to add events, clinics, Dressage 101, and educational camps. Presentation interests include vets, farriers, massage therapy, yoga, grooming, western & gaited, etc.


Chair – Louise Stevens

This committee is our chapter outreach to prospective and former members group.

Youth Outreach

Chair – Carol DeMetro

This committee will seek to see more participation by and opportunities for recognition of the area youth.


Chair – Rachel Cessna

This committee will explore additional communication opportunities to drive interest in the chapter.