2018 Year-to-Date Points Standings

Awards Programs

Most Active Member

We have incorporated an addition to the “Most Active Member Award”: For each article submitted to the newsletter, the member shall receive 5 points toward the MAM Award.

High Point Awards

A high point award is available to both junior and senior members for each division from intro level to Third level dressage, tadpole to training level combined training, and dressage equitation. Year-end awards are also awarded for Western Dressage in Intro Level and Basic and Above, and Gaited (non-trotting) in Intro and Training and above. To be eligible for these awards the individual must be a member in good standing, complete 8 hours of volunteer work for EDCTSA and compete in at least 50% of the shows with the same horse. The rider must also ride the highest level test in the division. Points are awarded depending on the placings at each show, and the horse rider combination with the greatest # of points meeting the above criteria wins the award. The collection of points begins when the rider’s membership is paid. The winning horse/rider combination may not compete for the same award, but must move up to the next level the following year.

Points are earned as follows:Any score of 55% or higher will be counted. For example:

A dressage score of 66.732 will be converted to 6.67.
A dressage score of 71.373 will be converted to 7.13

The highest number of points wins.

Andy Triechel Memorial Trophy

The Andy Triechel Memorial Trophy was originated in 2003. Andy was an avid Dressage and Combined training rider who was a major supporter of EDCTSA. She lost her battle with cancer in August of that year. Andy’s love for Combined Training spurred the creation for this perpetual award which designates the single best CT score of the year. This award adds a new name to its plaque each year with the rider and horse who achieved this goal.

Demi Scholarship

The Demi scholarship originated in 2006 and is awarded annually to the most improved rider of the year. He or she is chosen at the annual banquet by the ED CTSA membership. This year, in an effort to make this award more meaningful and more objective, we would like to have a call for nominees! Nominations may come from any source – riders themselves, family, friends or other members. We would like a brief description of why the nominee should be considered for most improved rider. It does not have to be from the results of competition throughout the year. Maybe you would like to share a personal story about overcoming fear, disability or any other obstacle to your riding. Any and all nominees will be considered. Look around and see who you think could or should be considered and make a nomination. It can even be anonymous. All nominees will be announced along with their descriptions at the banquet and the membership will decide on the winner.

Banner Road Award

The Banner Road Award was developed in 2007 in honor of a long standing schoolmaster around the EDCTSA circuit. The award is sponsored by Patricia Hooton and Canamer to the horse/rider team with the highest average dressage score. (Three scores must be submitted by the rider after the last show of the season). The award will include a $100 check, a bag of treats for the winning horse, and a perpetual trophy/plaque.

EDCTSA Scholarship Awards

The EDCTSA scholarship awards are presented to one Jr. and one Sr. member each year. A topic is picked and all current EDCTSA members are eligible to participate in an essay basses topic. The essays are judged by an outside party and the winning essays’ writers receive $100 each to be used for extra lessons, clinics, new gear, educational material etc.

God’s Amazing Grace Award

This award was created in 2016 by Bianca Rosso and Sungirl Stables in memory of Bianca’s first dressage horse. She bought this horse without any knowledge of her real name, background or breeding. She had been nicknamed Gladys at the barn where she arrived pending her sale. Bianca re-named her Grace and brought her home. Three months later it was determined that she was in foal and Bianca changed her name to Amazing Grace. Two weeks later when Hidden Treasure was born – it was officially God’s Amazing Grace!

This award is given to the competitor who has shown in the greatest number of dressage tests each year but has not qualified for an end of the year award.