Club Library

Thanks to Kris Hamilton and her inspiration for knowledge and belief in continuous learning, our EDCTSA Mobile Library has been established as of Feb 2006, beginning with her donations of a few books.  Any new/used donations or loans  of books and videos are welcome.  The list of items available will be posted on the EDCTSA website.  These items will be also made available at our shows and monthly meetings.

Rules are simple:

  • Must be a current EDCTSA member.
  • Request checkout to be about 30 days max, so all can benefit.
  • Replace any damaged or lost items.
  • No Fees.

POC: Shari Weiss-Riojas (252) 229-2089 or e-mail


  • “Understanding Horse Behavior” by Sue McDonnell, PhD
  • “Understanding Equine Medications” by Barbara D. Forney, MS, VMD
  • “The Elements of Dressage” by Kurd Albrecht Von Ziegner
  • “Simplify Your Riding” by Wendy Murdoch
  • “The Competitive Edge: Improving Your Dressage Scores In the Lower Levels” by Max Gahwyler
  • “Equine Neurological Disorders: by Bradford G. Bentz, VMD, MS
  • “Making Your Own Jumps” by Mary Gordon Watson
  • “Basic Coursebuilding” by Maureen Summers
  • “Poles and Gridwork” by Jan Wallace
  • “Lessons with Lendon” by Lendon Gray
  • “Understanding Nervousness in Horse & Rider” by Moyra Williams


  • “Centered Riding” by Sally Swift (VHS Tape 1 – Basic concepts, relationship between rider and horse)
  • “Centered Riding” by Sally Swift (VHS Tape 2 – Applies techniques to trot, circles, canter, lateral work and jumping)